Are You Doing Too Much Volume? Or Not Enough? – Episode 460

Posted by Jason Ferruggia


There’s a time and place for high volume. 

… In your car, listening to some ’90s hip hop. 

In the gym, though? 

Not so much. 

But how much volume is too much? How do you know if you’re doing enough? And how do you differentiate between ramp up and work sets? 

I’ve got you covered in today’s Q&A. 

Listen and learn: 

  • What should you do to get the most out of your AM training sessions? [3:10]
  • Are you doing too much volume? [6:20]
  • What exactly is an effective rep? [14:18]
  • How do you know when to swap out exercises? [16:40]
  • Can you create a caloric deficit without excessive cardio and dieting? [22:50]
  • Is your palette ruining your health? [26:05]
  • Are high rep ranges ever ideal for gains? [31:26]
  • My Top-5 pulling exercises for hypertrophy? [35:50]
  • One of the best things you can do to improve digestion? [38:56]

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