Overcome Your Fear with Self-Defense Expert, Tony Blauer – Episode 277

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Everyone feels fear. From the biggest, toughest, most jacked dudes on earth to small children and frail, elderly women, fear is an emotion all humans know well.

If we all feel it, what separates those who take action and do what’s necessary in the face of fear from those who let it cripple them?

The answer can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.

Tony Blauer has dedicated his life to teaching people how to understand and manage their fear even, and especially, in the most stressful, dangerous and violent situations. He is the creator of the Spontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response (S.P.E.A.R.) self-defense system.

Back on Renegade Radio for the 2nd time, in this episode Tony provides an in-depth explanation of the emotion known as fear and teaches you what happens physiologically when you experience it.

Whether it’s so you can defend yourself if necessary, give an amazing presentation, perform well in a job interview or just have the confidence of knowing you’ll take action when faced with it, you must learn to conquer your fear. But before you can defeat it, you need to understand it.  If you wanna learn how, don’t miss this episode.

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Show Notes:

• Why Tony started doing Tai chi with Dr. Mark Cheng [12:23]
• Is his intensity sometimes misconstrued? [18:25]
• Would fear stop you from defending yourself? [22:59]
• Why learning self-defense is as easy as flipping a switch. [31:26]
• Does he actually teach self-defense, or is it something else? [37:39]
• Strategies you can implement today to lower the “fear spike” of a violent encounter. [43:14]
• How he created an algorithm for self-defense by teaching the elderly. [55:42]
• What happens to your body during an attack? [1:03:27]
• Tips to mentally prepare for a big meeting, speech or presentation. [1:08:05]
• Does he ever second guess himself and is he still his own worst critic? [1:16:00]
• How has he improved and what means more to him now than it did 20 years ago? [1:20:10]
• His thoughts on man’s search for meaning and creating amazing relationships. [1:26:24]
• What got him reignited to start writing his book? [1:32:23]


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