The Cheat Code for Getting Jacked & Lean – Episode 429

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Are you training efficiently?

Or are you like the countless others wasting time and energy every time you step into the gym?

You probably fall in the latter if you’re going at it on your own. 

And what’s worse, you don’t even know it. 

Junk volume, poor exercise selection, and inadequate pre-workout nutrition are a few of the issues I’ve seen over the years. And I’m here to address those, and many more, in today’s Q&A. 

  • Training first thing in the morning? Here’s what you need to know. [2:20]
  • This small boost could be the key to maximal hypertrophy. [6:11]
  • How to use fasting to reduce all-cause mortality. [7:53]
  • What science tells us about rep ranges. [12:47]
  • How to magically transform your training. [16:55]
  • How much training is too much? [21:05]
  • The 6 components of a great exercise. [26:06]
  • What’s the optimal number of sets per body part? [37:27]
  • How long does it take for muscle atrophy to begin? [51:30]
  • What are the bare minimums for a home gym setup (under $1,000)? [52:51]
  • Top-5 standup comedy specials of all-time? [54:12]

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