How to Instantly Improve Your Confidence – Episode 431

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

How are you showing up in your day-to-day life? 

Are people excited when you walk into a room? Does the energy immediately shift by your presence? 

Do you command respect, display authority, and attract winners? 

If not, it begins in the mirror. And I’ve got the advice you need to change it. 

Listen as we discuss:

  • Can you gain muscle without adding body fat? [2:10]
  • 1 trick to make squats and presses 3x more effective. [3:26]
  • Do this to instantly change the way people see and treat you. [7:28]
  • How to build bigger legs with ZERO soreness. [10:50]
  • The EXACT workout all beginners and teens should do. [19:30]
  • What are the best shoes to squat in? [22:38]
  • Improve your mobility in HALF the time. [24:20]
  • Top-5 Mcs of the ’90s? [27:04]
  • Do THIS to change your business forever. [29:36]

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