How to Get Your Self Confidence to an All Time High (and the Stupid Sh*t You Need to Stop Doing ASAP) – Episode 302

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

This episode of Renegade Radio features me just going solo on the mic, with no questions to answer. Just ranting on a variety of thoughts that have been going through my head recently.

It’s packed with simple, actionable takeaways. Stuff you should start doing and stuff you should stop doing immediately, if you want to level up your life on every front.

My confidence and belief in myself is at a lifetime high right now. I share some of the things that have gotten me there and will help you do the same.

Scroll down for show notes:


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Show Notes:

  • Lots of free giveaways (listen for your name).
  • What did my DNA test reveal?
  • My adventure trip recap and what I learned. 
  • Benefits of unplugging and getting out in nature. 
  • How to get your confidence to an all-time high. 
  • Simple things you can do daily to boost your positive energy.
  • What can you learn from rigged elections, Hitler, and racist assholes?
  • How to look like a champ at all times. 
  • The one phrase you should never utter, if you want people to take you seriously. 
  • How to learn and get better every day. 
  • “Heightening” and upping the ante… and why it should be part of your skill set. 
  • Reading vs. learning from experience. 
  • The common mistake most people commit that makes them look weak. 
  • What happens when your beliefs are proven wrong?
  • The two things you need in your personal arsenal if you want to win. 
  • The stupid trend you want to avoid at all costs. (Don’t look like an idiot). 
  • How to truly live authentically. 
  • Why you have to develop a messianic purpose… or perish. 


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