The Benefits of Lower Rep Training, Building Muscle with Calisthenics, & Is Stretching Useless? – Episode 301

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

We’ve got another great Q&A episode of Renegade Radio today, featuring all the questions you guys sent in.

In this episode you’ll learn the benefits of lower rep training, how to build jacked & strong legs, the most important thing to focus on doing your workouts, what you HAVE to do before you leave the gym, and a lot more.

If you wanna take your training to the next level and build the badass body you deserve, you can’t afford to miss this one!

Scroll down for show notes:


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Show Notes:

• How to add leg size while also being very active
• The benefits of lower rep training
• How to avoid getting sore
• Overhead pressing vs handstand pushups
• Training recommendations for senior citizens
• How to build muscle with calisthenics
• Is stretching useless?
• The most important thing to focus on during your workouts
• What you HAVE to do immediately before leaving the gym
• The best recovery methods to help you make faster progress
• The two best ways to become a nutrition expert
• Coffee talk
• Proper ab training tips
• And more


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  • Angles90 – Dynamic training grips that adapt any pulling exercise to your natural, biological motions, preventing joint injuries and leading to more muscle growth!


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