Stop Being a B*tch – Episode 436

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

State of Emergency!

Our society is f*cked and has been for years.

Are you a part of the problem or the solution?

Are you making excuses for everything in your life or are you stepping the f*ck up and doing the work needed to get what you desire?

Are you sheepishly complying or are you standing up for what you believe in?

Are you living your life with intent or are you drowning your sorrows in a bottle of Jack every night?

Success isn’t easy.

Living an unsatisfied, purposeless, meaningless life isn’t either.

If you’re trying to be the man people respect and have the bank account, body, and life of your dreams, you’ve gotta cut the bullsh*t!

If you’re tired of getting nowhere, looking and feeling like sh*t, or simply want to take your fitness game to the next level, DM the word GO to @jayferruggia and let’s get to work!

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