3 of the Best Life Tips You’ll Ever Hear – Episode 422

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

If you’re satisfied living a life filled with mediocrity, this episode isn’t for you. 

In favor of the participation trophy mindset? This episode isn’t for you. 

If you enjoy being weak, fat, dissatisfied and undisciplined, this episode isn’t for you. 

Content with being just another sheep in the herd? This episode isn’t for you. 

But, if you’re ready to separate yourself from the average, become your strongest version of self and dominate the f*ck out of life, then listen up as I give you 3 of the best life tips you’ll ever hear. 

… And you won’t find these tips in any self-help book. 

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They want us to be soft, scared, and subordinate. But I will not allow myself, or those around me, to give in to their nonsense. Which is why I’ve given you even more ways to rise above the bullsh*t and dominate 2022.

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