My Zero Negativity Allowed Policy – Episode 414

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

They want you to be weak, fat, confused, scared, relying on them, bitching, complaining, arguing. 

F*ck that. 

In 2022 we need to have higher standards than ever. We need to go all in and fully commit to personal excellence in our health, fitness, mindset, career and relationships. 

To kick off this episode I’ll be sharing my plan to rise above the bullsh*t and dominate 2022. 

I’ll also be giving you my exact Push/Pull/Legs focused full body training template that listeners have requested for a long time. 

Then I’ll be answering your questions…

Scroll Down for Show Notes:



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Show Notes:

  • Can living in a cold weather environment like the Northeast be bad for mental health? 
  • How many eggs in a week are too many?
  • How should I start training at 74 years old?
  • What’s your current training split? Looks like you are doing upper/lower?
  • What’s your favorite outdoor activity to keep in shape? 
  • Is PPL good for athletes? (I’ll show you how to make it MUCH BETTER)
  • Do you have any 2022 concerts lined up? Do you have a favorite venue to see a show?
  • Any tips for high cholesterol? (2 SUPPLEMENTS YOU NEED) 
  • Best type of workout after a stressful day of work?
  • Should Barry Bonds be in the hall of fame?
  • Was adjusting to life in South Florida a challenge for you? Likes? Dislikes? 
  • Notice you’re back squatting now. What do you think of the Duffalo bar? 
  • For upper body day do you alternate pushing and pulling or do all the push moves first? 
  • How many calories do you eat on a typical day?
  • Why do you prefer two sets close to failure rather than one all out set to failure?


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