Becoming a Weapon of Mass Creation with Rudy Reyes – Episode 250

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

What does it mean to live a heroic life?

Does it take the skillset and killer instinct of a Marine on the front lines in war?

Or do you need the courage and mental toughness to overcome life’s greatest challenges?

For Rudy Reyes, my guest in this episode, it was all this and more.

Rudy is a former Force Recon Marine, actor, motivational speaker and fitness expert. As a child he faced and overcame struggles that most people can’t fathom. Watching silver screen heroes like Bruce Lee and Stallone, he found encouragement, hope and the example of what he wanted to be. He followed in the footsteps of his father and stepfather and enlisted in the Marines. After proudly serving his country he ended his decorated military career as an American hero. At one point in his life Rudy was a Weapon of Mass Destruction. His new goal is to leave a legacy where he is known as a Weapon of Mass Creation.

Rudy achieved success and fulfillment despite great adversity. To learn what it takes for you to do the same don’t miss this episode.

Scroll down for show notes:


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Show Notes:

  • The harsh realities Rudy faced growing up and why his search for strength and heroism brought him to the armed forces. [3:24]
  • “One mind, many weapons.” From spending time in the Omaha Home for Boys to his spiritual training through martial arts – his path from Peaceful Warrior to Marine. [9:42]
  • His first experiences with death while serving in the military and how it impacted his life. [17:00]
  • Rudy shares, in detail, his first mission post September 11th. [19:03]
  • How did he keep his team focused on the mission at hand with violence and death all around them? [26:50]
  • How he knew when it was time to get out. [28:40]
  • From highly trained killer to a Weapon of Mass Creation – Rudy’s evolution and the new legacy of his life. [38:38]
  • What’s next for him in Hollywood & entertainment? [50:30]
  • How does Rudy train to stay lean, jacked and strong? [57:30]
  • Why he eats to take the minimum from the world while preparing to attack the day ahead. [1:03:18]
  • What does he do for recovery? [1:05:22]
  • What does his current travel schedule look like? [1:07:28]
  • The daily rituals he does to set his day up for success. [1:09:28]
  • How he has overcame major adversity in life and how you can do the same. [1:10:30]


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