The Attributes of Successful People with Rich Diviney – Episode 390

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Rich Diviney draws upon 20+ years experience as a US Navy SEAL Officer, where he completed 13 overseas deployments.  Throughout his career he achieved multiple leadership positions, including Commanding Officer.  

During his time as the officer in charge of training for a specialized command, Diviney reworked the selection and assessment program to identify key attributes rather than just skills.  This allowed him to more effectively explain the success and failure of candidates and more importantly it allowed him to put together the highest performing team possible.  

Since retiring from active duty Rich has worked as a speaker, facilitator and consultant with the Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute and Simon Sinek Inc.  He’s also the author of the book, The Attributes: 25 Hidden Drivers of Optimal Performance.  

In this episode Rich explains how you can discover and develop the attributes that will help ensure your own success as well as the success of any team you may lead.  

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    Show Notes:

    • His background and how he became a US Navy SEAL.   [5:35]
    • What is the difference between skills and attributes?  [8:17]
    • What are the five categories of optimal performance?  [11:03]
    • Can counterintuitive attributes like impatience and non-competitiveness help drive success?  [14:50]
    • Why fear of rejection may NOT be what’s holding you back.  [17:59]
    • What is the difference between task switching vs. multitasking?  [19:52]
    • Why optimal performance is not the same thing as peak performance.  [22:14]
    • What five attributes do all great leaders possess?  [24:45]
    • How to become a decisive person.  [32:25]
    • Is it possible to become more empathetic?  [34:54]
    • How to build trust as a leader and as a team.  [38:19]
    • Secrets of building high performance teams.  [42:52]
    • Which is more important, skills or attributes?  [44:26]
    • Rich’s best advice for building your self confidence.  [47:25]
    • Should you work on your weaknesses or double down on your strengths?  [50:26]
    • How you can train yourself to be more disciplined and motivated.  [51:49]
    • Do the questions you ask yourself determine your level of happiness and success?  [54:46]


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