The Real Secret to Getting and Staying in Great Shape for Life – Episode 418

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Want to drop the excuses, cut through the bullsh*t and finally get in great shape…

… And stay there for life?

Need a few tricks to optimize your training sessions?

Give this episode a listen as I answer your questions including:

  • How should you eat for longevity?
  • How should you train in your 30’s?
  • How do you build your neck?
  • What’s the best split for weekend warriors?
  • How do you stay mobile while remaining strong?
  • What’s the best pre and intra workout drink?
  • How to lose 20 lbs of fat before summer?
  • Should you lock out on all exercises?
  • How many PR’s can you hit per week?

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Looking for more of the blueprint to remaining physically, mentally and emotionally strong despite the bullish*t life throws at you?

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