7 Reasons You’re Not Losing Fat – Episode 402

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Let’s face it, most people are fat.  Say what you will.  I call it like I see it.  

And, even if you’re not actually obese, chances are you’re not as lean as you want to be.

Being overweight not only crushes your self-confidence and diminishes your zest for life, but it’s also incredibly unhealthy.  It puts you at risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and a host of other mostly preventable illnesses.  

Everywhere you look there’s an ad for some newfangled exercise device, “miracle” diet or latest and greatest supplement that promises to get you lean and ripped in the next 30 days. 

Deep down, you already know the truth…

It’s mostly bullshyt, hype and gimmicks.  

So, what should you do?  That’s what this episode of Renegade Radio is all about.   

I’m going to teach you why you’ve been unable to lose fat no matter how hard you’ve tried.  

Even better, I’m gonna tell you exactly how to supercharge your metabolism, shred your spare tire, love handles and man boobs and create the lean, hard, powerful physique you really want. 

Ready to get ripped once and for all?  

Let’s f*cking go!! 



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Now that you’ve learned what you need to do to lose fat, wanna know what it takes to put some serious muscle on your frame?

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