F*CK FEAR with Tony Blauer – Episode 200

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

If someone tried to harm you and your loved ones today could you stop them?  Would you know what actions to take to ensure your safety? Or would you become another victim?

Tony Blauer is my guest on Episode 200 of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast.  He is the creator of the Spontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response self-defense system.  SPEAR is the world’s only behaviorally based self-protection method based on physiology, kinesiology, physics and psychology.  Tony teaches SPEAR to students worldwide, including Law Enforcement Agencies, Military Units and First-Responders.

I sat down with Tony to discuss how he first started in self-defense and how he developed the SPEAR system.  Tony explains why he feels self-defense should be taught in one day and why technique means nothing in a violent confrontation.  He details why most self-defense systems do not prepare people to defend themselves in violent situations, the role that fear play in self-awareness, tips for facing fear, and so much more.

Topics Include:

  • How he first started out in self-defense.  4:02
  • Why self-defense should be taught like CPR – in 1 day.  5:31
  • Why “Cheering isn’t Coaching” and the difference between Technicians, Trainers and Coaches.  21:42
  • Why technique is useless in a violent confrontation.  22:51
  • Why “FUCK FEAR” isn’t just a “tough guy” mantra.  34:47
  • Why fighting is just a small part of what Tony teaches.  38:37
  • Why most forms of self-defense don’t prepare you to defend yourself in real violent encounters.  50:30
  • Why size matters in the streets.  56:34
  • Feigning fear to deal with real violent encounters.  1:00:40
  • Why knowing the science of an adrenaline dump can help you avoid a fight.  1:04:58
  • Why he teaches people to use physiology and physics, not techniques to remember.  1:07:30
  • Should you do something you fear every day?  1:07:54
  • Tony’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.  1:12:41
  • Instincts and Intuition = Intelligence.  1:21:38
  • Tony’s tips for becoming a more effective leader.  1:24:46
  • Tony’s biggest weaknesses.  1:31:12
  • How to improve the training of police officers. 1:38:50
  • Should kids be exposed to controlled violence?  1:44:03

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