Retaining Your Hard Earned Muscle, How Actors Get Jacked & Going Back to Cali? – Episode 388

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Questions…. You have them.

Answers… I got em’! 

In this episode of the world renowned Renegade Radio Podcast we’re comin at ya with a listener Q&A.  

I’m answering your questions on a variety of topics that will help you build a stronger body and live a better life.

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Show Notes:

  • What is my current opinion on intermittent fasting? 
  • We all know how to gain muscle now, but what’s the best way to retain it?
  • How would you program farmers walk into a pull/push/legs/arms split?
  • How much Nas is too much Nas on a gym playlist?
  • Where would you set up the calories on a cut for an active athlete training more than once a day?
  • Timeline on moving back to Cali?
  • Would you ever move back to NJ? 
  • What’s your go to coffee brand these days?
  • Time is running short, what is your last meal, including dessert?
  • Have you ever tried eliminating caffeine completely or is it something you would consider?
  • Opinion on resting a minimum of 3 min between sets regardless of exercises for optimal results?
  • Have you found any boxer briefs that won’t ride up? 
  • I remember the 420 bar experience you shared:) Is that a typical experience for the 420.
  • Beginners approach to increase vertical/dunk a basketball?
  • Do you think actors take drugs when they prep for movies?
  • Tacos el pastor or carne asada?
  • Do you subscribe to certain rep ranges for certain muscles?  ie calves higher reps, biceps higher etc
  • What’s your best replacement/adjustment for Glute Hams without a Glute Ham bench?
  • Trying to break my phone addiction…help? (It’s the worst of my addictions)
  • Full body workout for women 40+ who are intermediate lifters?
  • What do you think about strongman training?
  • Do you still advocate lots of band dislocations and pull apart through the day/week/training session?


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  • Caffeine and Kilos – Delicious, high caffeine coffee to help you smash PR’s in and out of the gym


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