Training with Shoulder Issues, Lean Bulking vs. Cutting, & How to Look Like You Lift – Episode 386

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

This week we’re comin at ya with another jabroni beatin’, pie eatin’, trail blazin’, eyebrow raisin’ Q&A episode of the world-famous, Renegade Radio Podcast.  

If you wanna get jacked and strong AF, this is the episode for you.  Thanks to all of you who submitted your questions.  Keep em’ coming and I’ll keep giving you the answers to help you build a body that turns heads.  

If ya smeeeeeeell what the Transformation King is cookin’! 

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Show Notes:

  • Total exercise amount for each body part?
  • Tips to increase mobility enough to overhead squat?
  • What’s your opinion on donkey calf raises vs standing calf raises? 
  • I have been lifting for years yet don’t look like I lift at all. Any suggestions?
  • Seated vs lying leg curl. If you could only have 1 and what is your preference?
  • How do you balance living in the moment vs getting things done?
  • Do you let your athletes make choices in their training? Like Splits, exercise selection, etc.
  • What are your thoughts on training with bands? Are they less impact on the joints? 
  • Will you ever put out online programs again? Renegade Strength Club is fire.
  • How do I build muscle while playing sports?
  • If you cool jasmine rice in the fridge for 24 hrs then reheat it, does it become anti- inflammatory?
  • Would you still do a push day if you have a shoulder impingement? 
  • Full body workout with just an upper push pull and a lower. Enough to get the job done?


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