How to Get Stronger Every Week, Optimize Your Protein Intake, and Get Your Abs to Pop – Episode 352

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

You guys had a ton of great questions for me this week. So this episode is packed with info you need to take your physique to the next level.

We’ll get your exercise selection, set up and execution optimized.

We’ll get your diet on point.

And we’ll get your abs to pop. 

Bottom line, you wanna know how to build a badass body, THIS is the episode for you!

Scroll Down for Show Notes:


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Show Notes:

Can you build muscle with lower protein intakes? 

Are egg whites a good source of protein?

How many egg whites are too many? 

Does super high protein intake accelerate muscle growth?

Thoughts on belt squats. 

The most effective leg machines.

The importance of proper set up and execution. 

How to get your abs to pop.

Should you actually increase calories if you want to lose fat?

How to make bodyweight training better. 

The correct tempo for making gains while staying injury free. 

What’s a typical day of eating like for me?

Are dumbbell and barbell complexes effective? 

How to select the right yoga program for you. 

Vertical pulling options for those with neck pain. 

Do you need to bench, squat and deadlift? 

How to get progressively stronger on every exercise. 


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