Building Pecs Like Arnold, On the Go Muscle Meals, and Shedding the Last Few Pounds of Fat – Episode 381

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

You asked for them so we’re bringing you more! 

This week we have another great listener Q&A where I answer your questions on how to get jacked and strong.

I cover how to build your upper pecs, quick and easy meals to gain muscle and lose fat, how to optimize a Push/Pull/Legs split, explain whether execution or effort is more important in your workouts, and a lot more!

You don’t wanna sleep on this info packed episode!!

Scroll Down for Show Notes:


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Show Notes:

  • Best time and way to set up conditioning workouts? 
  • Diet to fix your gut health? 
  • On the go meals for muscle growth and fat loss? 
  • How to make chin ups better?
  • How to build upper pecs like Arnold? 
  • Execution or effort? What’s most important? 
  • Push/Pull/Legs split tips? 
  • Kettlebell: overrated or underrated? 
  • Training two days per week? 
  • One super slow set to failure?
  • How to lose the last few pounds of fat?
  • The one exercise I no longer recommend?
  • Full body or split for athletic performance? 
  • Thoughts on BFR bands?
  • Favorite book?
  • How would I design a 5 way body part split?
  • Bands vs. Bodyweight vs. Free weights? 
  • Most neglected aspect of health?


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