How to Fix Your Elbows & Knees, High Reps vs. Low Reps, the Best Exercises for Core Stability & Lower Back Pain – Episode 384

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

In this listener Q&A episode we cover a variety of topics that will help you reduce injuries and improve your joint health, and build size and strength faster.

We also talk about music, fashion, essential life skills and a whole lot more.

Whether you want to bullet proof your body against injury, gain muscle and lose fat, or learn how to boost your confidence, you’ll find the answers here.

If you ever miss an episode of Renegade Radio (and why would you?) you don’t want it to be this one!

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Show Notes:

  •  How to bulletproof your elbows and knees.
  • How to incorporate tire flips into your training.
  • The best rep range for natural lifters.
  • The difference between training for strength, speed and hypertrophy.
  • How to avoid common injuries.
  • How to avoid excessive fatigue from your workouts.
  • Should you do low volume or high volume?
  • Should older lifters do lower reps or higher reps?
  • How to get published in magazines. 
  • The exact calorie and macro formula for muscle gain. 
  • Sample 20 minute workouts. 
  • Best exercises for core stability and lower back pain.
  • How to build muscle with calisthenics plus weights. 
  • Home gym equipment recommendations. 
  • Can you drink beer and hit your goals? 
  • My favorite shoe brands for styling and training. 
  • Why I first got into improv. 
  • How many row variations should you include in a back workout?
  • The top 25 hip hop songs of all time.


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