Importance of HRV, Why High Reps Suck, Saving Your Joints, My Dream Clients – Episode 392

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

The people have spoken…

And I heard the message loud and clear! 

You want to know more about how I dominate my path and help my clients do the same…

You like getting the inside scoop on how I, and the people I train, stay jacked and strong…

You LOVE the listener Q&As…

So that’s exactly what we’re gonna give you in this episode of the world famous Renegade Radio Podcast.  

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Show Notes:

  • Why do I sometimes do higher reps than I recommend?
  • How do you optimize row technique?
  • How important is it to consider your morning HRV score when doing your workout that day?
  • What are your top 5 rock bands/songs to train to?
  • Who would you rather get in the gym with, Arnold in his prime or The Rock?
  • What are your thoughts on doing yoga as LISS?
  • How OCD should we get with avoiding plastics when eating and drinking?
  • Did you ever go to college? Did you play sports?
  • How am I currently training? What’s my split? How much cardio do I do?
  • Training tips for a 48 year old advanced lifter who wants to save his joints. 
  • What books should you read to increase your confidence and improve your ability to have conversations with anyone?
  • How did I grow an inch taller in my 40’s?
  • How to get back into the gym after a layoff?
  • Top books you’ve read that have changed your life? 
  • What’s a typical day of eating for me? 
  • If you sacrifice your health for money you will end up with neither. True or false?
  • How have my dogs handled the multiple moves?
  • Favorite carb sources to gain size/strength after white rice and berries? 
  • Predictions for Summer Slam?
  • Following a PPL split and arms are lagging behind. Any suggestions? 
  • Why did you move to the 305?
  • What clients do you most enjoy coaching?


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