Your Warm Up Sucks; Here’s How to Fix It – Episode 391

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

This week we’re comin’ at ya with another hard hitting listener Q&A episode of the one and only #RenegadeRadioPodcast.

If you wanna know everything I personally do to prepare to dominate my workouts, you’re in luck, because I’m gonna reveal some of my best strategies.

What red-blooded man with even an ounce of testosterone doesn’t want bigger delts?  I’m gonna teach you how to do it.  

And all that muscle doesn’t really mean sh*t if it’s covered up by a bunch of fat, so I’ll let you know how to boost your metabolism so you can finally get the jacked and ripped physique you want.  

We’re covering all that and much more right here, right now.  


Let’s f*cking go!  

Scroll Down for Show Notes:



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Show Notes:

  • What does a typical warm up look like for you for upper and lower session?
  • Best options for spinal erectors hypertrophy if deadlifts flare up a lower back injury?
  • What are your favorite overhead pressing variations?
  • If doing full body how would you order push, pull, squat, hinge, and carry? 
  • How to structure PPL if you want to build bigger shoulders? 
  • Have you ever found that heavy isolation of the hamstring over time, eg. Seated leg curl leads to issues?
  • What is the best exercise for lower lats? 
  • How can I build some tree trunk legs at home with just DB’s up to 80’s?
  • Have you tried Tonal or tempo mirror style home gym or similar, are they any good? 
  • Top 3 suggestions for someone coming back to the gym after more than 18 months? 
  • How would you design a 3 way chest/back, legs, shoulders/arms split?
  • I only press with dumbbells… am I missing out on any gains by not using a barbell whatsoever? 
  • What is your pre workout routine?
  • How many hours between meals, MAX? To build size. Can’t eat every two hours due to work. 
  • What’s the best life lesson you learned from Mountain Dog?
  • Suggestions for raising your body’s core temperature? 
  • If you only have one kettlebell and 20 min a day to train on which exercises should I focus on?


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