Here’s Why Your Legs Aren’t Growing

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Smashing your legs twice a week and not seeing results? 

Adding plates, getting stronger, and STILL looking like the guy who skips leg day? 

You’re not alone. 

And lucky for you, the solution is simple. 

Find out what it is, the most effective method of cardio for fat loss, how to elevate your life by changing your thinking, and more, in today’s episode…

  • Was WrestleMania XL the greatest of all-time? [2:24]
  • Which training split leads to the best results? [4:22]
  • Is there an easy way to get rid of man boobs? [7:25]
  • A shocking cure for your lack of focus. [9:37]
  • The #1 skill to learn in 2024. [10:57]
  • What’s the most effective method of cardio for fat loss? [17:32]
  • Here’s why your legs aren’t growing. [18:52]
  • How to improve your speaking skills from the couch. [22:38]
  • Is it better to work “on” or “in” your business? [25:37]
  • This simple mindset shift has changed my life. [28:49]

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