4 Things I Wish I Did Years Ago

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Most people have it all wrong when it comes to fat loss.

Sure, they may lose a few pounds. But they also lose muscle, sky-rocket their stress levels, and crush their sex drive. 


Don’t be most people.

Avoid these four common mistakes and watch the fat melt away (WITHOUT sacrificing your gains or energy levels). 

  • 4 mistakes guaranteed to keep you fat and weak. [0:08]
  • Your head to toe guide to mobility. [11:04]
  • Why doing pull/pushups every day is a bad idea. [20:50]
  • The king of tricep exercises. [26:45]
  • The proven system I used to get shredded (and used to help countless clients do the same). [28:32]
  • 3 keys to dealing with loss, grief, and tough times. [34:05]

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