Why I Don’t Use Barbells – Episode 488

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Years ago I ditched the straight bar in my training. My body has thanked me every day since. 

But I get it. Most people don’t want to evolve.

“Arnold used barbells.”

Yup, and football players wore leather helmets with no face masks. 

In this episode we’ll discuss that, alternatives to overhead pressing, eating for size, hydrating properly, and… My #1 investment tip.

Don’t miss this one!

  • Should you ditch barbells too? [2:44]
  • Can you develop big shoulders without overhead pressing? [8:42]
  • How to know if you need to add more frequency and volume? [13:27]
  • Are you drinking too much water? [15:37]
  • What’s the best way to eat to maximize your gains? [17:58]
  • My #1 investment tip? [25:01]

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