Do Pull Ups Suck, Is 1 Set to Failure the Best Way to Train, Is Stress Killing Your Gains? – Episode 424

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Pull ups are on every top 10 exercise list out there. But does that mean they’re really that great? Are they building your back or destroying your shoulders, elbows and wrists? Is there a better option?

What about doing 1 set to failure versus a bunch of lower intensity sets? Are you wasting your time in the gym by doing too much and killing your gains in the process? Or is there a happy medium?

Discover the shocking truth about these subjects and more in today’s episode.

  • What’s the best thing you can do to improve your overhead range of motion and progress with pull ups? [1:20]
  • The only protein source that matters. [10:50]
  • How to avoid crushing your Central Nervous System (CNS). [11:25]
  • Is there a key to optimizing your diet for leanness? [16:30]
  • What’s the best approach to volume and intensity to maximize muscle growth? [24:35]
  • One of the biggest influences on my career. [35:20]
  • Dog updates. [40:40]
  • What are my top 5 movies? [45:30]

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