The Sweet Spot for Muscle Growth

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

There’s a sweet spot for muscle growth. And I’m sharing it with you today. 

What’s the optimal rep range? 

What should you do after a sh*tty night of sleep?

When should you eat? And what should you be eating?  

Press play, get the answers you need, and let’s get to work… 

  • Optimize your gut health and get lean for good. [0:07]
  • How to adjust your training after a sh*tty night of sleep. [9:45]
  • What you need to pay attention to post-workout. [12:25]
  • How to use cross-innervation to navigate injuries. [14:51]
  • The benefits of low reps vs. high reps (and when to go high). [18:02]
  • Your guide to finding clarity and purpose in life. [26:37]

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