Myth of Work-Life Balance, My Current Training Split, Virtue Signaling 24/7 – Episode 427

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Work-life balance, virtue signaling… We’re bombarded with these, and the many other, cultural “norms” on the daily.

Well, I think they’re all bullish*t.

After listening, you will too. 

Oh, and of course, we’ll dive into some of your training questions to help you become the most dominant version of yourself both in and out of the gym.

Listen and learn:

  • How to master technique, and get strong as f*ck, on any exercise. [8:00]
  • Are barbell good mornings a game changer? [14:23]
  • The key to navigating social media. [15:27]
  • What’s the formula to calculate daily macros? [18:11]
  • My raw thoughts on the state of the world. [23:50]
  • Public Enemy or Eric B and Rakim? [32:42]
  • The best ring row sub? [35:34]
  • What’s the optimal rep range and frequency per muscle group? [35:58]
  • Why the concept of work-life balance is bullsh*t. [39:35]
  • Top-5 WWE entrances? [44:33]

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