Optimize Your Brain Chemistry with Dan Freed – Episode 411

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Dan Freed, CEO of the forward-thinking nootropics company, Thesis, knows what it takes to optimize your brain chemistry.  

Thesis has helped thousands of people become high performers with customized nootropics that improve mental focus, attention, memory and energy.  

Tune in as we discuss his journey from high school dropout, to earning a Master’s degree from Yale and starting his company.  Dan shares lessons learned along the way and gives you tips and insights on how you can enhance your cognitive abilities.

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Show Notes:

  • Living proof that self-limiting beliefs are BULLSH*T. [4:35]
  • Did nootropics help Dan unlock his true potential?  [16:35]
  • How Thesis’ customized approach to nootropics is like none other. [20:25]
  • What exactly are nootropics, and what can they do for you? [23:34]
  • How to redefine challenges and use them for personal growth.  [25:50]
  • Let’s take a trip: an excursion into the world of psychedelics. [30:45]
  • Four bonus tips for managing stress and increasing overall well-being. [38:38]


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To learn even more about optimizing your brain health check out my discussion with Dan’s partner and co-founder of Thesis, Adam Greenfeld. Click HERE to listen now.

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