The Resistance Training Revolution with Sal Di Stefano – Episode 404

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Sal Di Stefano is a personal trainer, co-founder of Mind Pump Media, and co-host of Mind Pump – an online radio show/podcast that is dedicated to providing truthful fitness and health information.

He is also the designer of the Muscular Adaptation Programming System (MAPS Fitness Products). Sal is dedicated to prioritizing health over appearance, and he aims to shift the direction of the fitness industry from aesthetic- and insecurity-based to one based in self-love and self-care.

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Show Notes:

  • Breaking down the Resistance Training Revolution. [9:20]
  • How did resistance training become the most stigmatized and misinterpreted form of exercise? [13:11]
  • Of all the forms of exercise, this one form is the worst. [17:17]
  • Are there any benefits to doing cardio? [19:55]
  • I’m 40+ and have let myself go… How do I get lean? [23:07]
  • The one skill almost everyone has, and how it should be utilized. [24:25]
  • Increase your training efficacy with this simple mindset adjustment. [28:17]
  • We talking ‘bout practice?! [32:47]
  • Balancing intensity and volume – is there an optimal rep range? [38:52]
  • Muscle memory: real or gimmick? [44:47]
  • Why proper resistance training is superior to stretching for functional flexibility. [51:35]
  • The root cause of most injuries, and the role mobility plays. [53:37]
  • Are you viewing progressive overload incorrectly? [58:07]
  • Don’t overlook these forgotten factors if you’re looking to optimize your body. [1:02:17]
  • Three highly effective ways to shift the focus from restrictive diets to behaviors, and the benefits of doing so. [1:05:32]
  • A few tips to consider for optimal gut health. [1:12:27]
  • When it comes to recovery, nothing compares to this. [1:14:47]


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