Hunting for Good w/ Robbie Kroger

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Biologist, and wildlife conservationist, Dr. Robbie Kroger, is the Founder and Executive Director at Blood Origins – a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting conservation efforts and revealing the truth about hunting.

Aimed at sharing the “why” and “who” behind hunting, his organization takes on the widely perceived misconceptions about hunting and hunters that the public holds, and works to counteract these views.

  • What is Blood Origins all about? [2:30]
  • How is society creating a misconceived view of hunting? [8:38]
  • What would happen in a world without hunting? [29:37]
  • Is there a “best” approach to wildlife conservation? [46:51]
  • What’s the other side of hunting? [1:04:45]

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