Get Jacked w/ Calisthenics Plus Weights ft. Danny Kavadlo – Episode 420

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Danny Kavadlo is one of the world’s leading authorities on calisthenics, nutrition, and personal training.

Put simply, he knows how to help people get jacked and strong AF.  He’s here on the Renegade Strength Show to teach you how to do it.  

Listen as we discuss:

• 5 truths you need to know about strength training.  [23:38]
• 4 principles to live by if you want to achieve your fitness goals.  [42:13]
• What is the real value of training splits?  [45:58]
• How to optimize your physical AND mental performance.  [50:55]
• Do THIS to recover and feel your best.  [57:46]

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