Building a Contest Ready Physique and a Start Up Business with Michael Chernow – Episode 409

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Michael Chernow is a restaurateur and chef, entrepreneur, TV host, wellness leader and founder of Kreatures of Habit. His goal in founding Kreatures of Habit was to create easily accessible nutritional products that are rooted in adopting the positive habits he used to transform his life – he accomplished just that with the game-changing oatmeal, The PrOATagonist. 

On top of managing 13 properties, 4 companies, and being featured on countless TV shows and international publications, Michael holds a natural pro status within the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders (OCB).

Tune in as we discuss his approach to training and nutrition leading up to his upcoming show, how he was able to transform his addictions into a life of fulfillment, and his latest business venture – Kreatures of Habit.

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PrOATagonist – Nutritionally functional and essential ingredients added to gluten-free oats.

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Cured Nutrition – CBD infused products from Colorado grown hemp that promotes deep relaxation and ultimate recovery.  


Show Notes:

  • What’s the coolest piece of gym equipment Michael has ever used? A sneak peek inside his garage gym. [12:20]
  • The power of finding your tribe. [17:13]
  • Sous Vide: The secret to a contest-ready body? [21:18]
  • Dissecting the stigma behind carbohydrates. [30:45]
  • Truth be told, all oats are not created equal. [36:12]
  • How Michael went from struggling with addiction to happiness, fulfillment, and creating the most optimal oatmeal you can eat. [42:42]
  • From wake up to wind down, what’s up next for business? [1:01:35]


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