Building Your Body, Business and Brand with Michael Chernow – Episode 336

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Michael Chernow is a modern day Renaissance Man.  The restaurateur and entrepreneur has leveraged his creative genius, vision and relentless drive to found some of NYC’s most successful restaurants, including Seamore’s and The Meatball Shop.  

He’s also a meathead at heart.  His love for fitness has not only led him to compete in bodybuilding, but also to use his entrepreneurial skills to create WellWell, a functional fitness beverage made with all natural ingredients. 

The man is dedicated to inspiring the world through positivity, hospitality, and service.  

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a fitness enthusiast, or someone who just wants to get as much happiness and fulfillment out of life as possible, this episode is jam packed with tips to help you do it!

Scroll down for Show Notes:


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Show Notes:

  • How fast decisions helped his business survive the pandemic. [3:56]
  • Why he thrives in negative situations but negative people are like his kryptonite. [9:28]
  • Why he says fitness is the “anchor” to every good thing in his life.  [11:21]
  • What his training looks like today and why he loves competing in bodybuilding.  [16:43]
  • How does he eat to stay at 10% bodyfat or lower, year round?  [21:44]
  • How did he discover and fix his gut health issues?  [23:27]
  • Want a healthy smoothie that tastes like ice cream?  Here’s how… [27:08]
  • How he helps his body recover from training, stress, and life.  [29:32]
  • How did he get started with building multiple successful businesses?  [32:48]
  • Why taking the opportunity to “take money off the table” is invaluable advice for entrepreneurs.  [42:52]
  • The biggest obstacle you must overcome if you want to achieve your dream.  [44:58]
  • Is building a brand actually about building relationships?  [48:33]
  • Want to get creative and come up with an idea?  Try this… [49:53]
  • Why developing your vision and knowing how to bring it to life is a must.  [53:35] 
  • How he helped feed 750,000 people in need.  [57:07]
  • The belief he holds about people which led to his Born or Made podcast.  [59:25]
  • What’s next for Michael and his restaurants?  [1:00:54]
  • Why he says he would give up everything else before fitness.  [1:02:50]


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