How to Become a Super Ager w/ Jim Owen – Episode 438

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Determined to get fit in his 70s, the 80 year-old former Wall Street executive, best-selling author, social entrepreneur and global speaker, Jim Owen, inspires others through his fitness journey and in his recent documentary film, The Art of Aging Well.

Listen as we discuss:

  • Why the cowboy code of ethics still matters today. [7:55]
  • The keys to becoming a “super ager”. [24:17]
  • What you need not overlook if you’re dealing with back pain. [34:50]
  • Can you continually progress without exceeding your body’s limits? [43:57]
  • The power of being functionally fit after 50. [49:10]
  • Does your health come down to lifestyle or DNA? [56:36]
  • The ONE change you need to make to create the life you desire. [1:03:31]
  • The art of aging well. [1:06:21]

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