Becoming Ageless with Nate Wilkins – Episode 387

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

After 27 years as a park and recreation administrator Nate Wilkins decided to reinvent himself.  Inspired to overcome his own weight gain and health issues he set out not only to reclaim his own health and fitness but to also help others do the same regardless of age.  

He became a fitness coach and he is the co-creator of The Ageless Workout, founder of The NOW Group, and co-founder of Panache Wellness & Fitness.  He’s also the author of The Now Factors for Success book series and recognized as one of the 100 most influential African Americans in Kansas City, MO.  

Whether you want to live to see 100 like Nate does, or you want to know how to strengthen your body, mind and character at any age, this episode is for you!

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Show Notes:

  • Nate’s background and how he discovered health and wellness is his calling.  [7:41]
  • The Now Factors for Success and what his biz looks like today.  [13:23]
  • What does it mean to recreate yourself by “stretching your struggle”?  [16:16]
  • What are the Ageless Workout and The Now Group?  [18:39]
  • What does a typical week of fitness look like for Nate?  [22:11]
  • The meditation practices he uses to help hit his goal of reaching 100 years old.  [25:14]
  • How can you develop a “Michael Jordan” mindset to overcome all challenges?  [29:04]
  • How important are your relationships to your overall well being?  [35:00]
  • Advice for cutting ties with friends or family members who are no longer right for you.  [39:22]
  • What are some of his favorite recovery methods?  [42:49]
  • How does he recommend older and out of shape people to approach fitness?  [44:05]
  • The simple nutrition guidelines that keep him looking and feeling great.  [49:30]
  • His thoughts on taking 100% responsibility for your health and wellness.  [52:54]
  • What’s currently on Nate’s workout playlist?  [56:21]


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