How to Restore Perfect Vision Naturally with Jake Steiner – Episode 408

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Jake Steiner is a passionate advocate for eye health with a unique perspective: that we can reverse myopia naturally. 

After a decade of research, Jake compiled enough peer-reviewed academic data to back his hypotheses that we’ve been looking at myopia all wrong, that the 100-billion-dollar-per-year retail optometry industry is little more than a cash cow, that our eyes are not broken, and that myopia is reversible. 

He’s here to share his journey from a -5-diopter prescription to perfect 20/20 vision, as well as simple tips to help you naturally regain your perfect vision.

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Show Notes:

  • What exactly is myopia, and is eyesight truly determined by genetics? [7:10]
  • The hidden costs of visiting an optometrist. [12:17]
  • Jake’s counterintuitive method to regain perfect vision. [13:40]
  • Why getting outside can be addition by subtraction for your eyes. [17:50]
  • A simple trick to help you combat heavy screen time. [19:38]
  • These ancillary effects of wearing glasses will change the way you see them. [21:00]
  • Two steps to eliminating dependence on corrective lenses. [24:45]
  • The impact of age on vision, and what you can do about it. [27:43]
  • How quickly can someone transform their vision? [32:25]
  • How you can benefit from your daily commute. [34:05]
  • The Renegade Book Club. [37:13]


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