Are You Killing Your Gains Before You Hit the Gym?

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

A lot of guys don’t eat enough to gain muscle.

Others make the Pillsbury Doughboy feel deprived. 

Whether that’s you (or you’re somewhere in between) there’s something we need to address before considering how much, and what, you’re eating.

Find out what it is, and more, in today’s Q&A.

  • Your guide to big shoulders. [0:29]
  • Are you killing your gains before you hit the gym? [3:27]
  • How to slow down Father Time’s clock. [12:29]
  • Lower back pain? Here’s your solution… [16:28]
  • Are finishers a waste of time? [24:38]
  • How to stop destroying your gut. [28:05]
  • 4 things you need for a bigger pump. [31:31]
  • The key to maximizing your gains. Naturally. [32:30]

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Do calories really matter?

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