The Only Way to Actually Transform Your Body – Episode 434

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Most people train for months, years, even decades without ever seeing dramatic gains.

This should sadden, sicken, and frustrate the f*ck out of you. All that time and effort for little to no progress.

That’s because there are so many misconceptions and flat out lies about what actually produces results and qualifies as true progressive overload.

Today’s episode is gonna help you stop wasting time and start making gains.

• How to make the most out of your early morning workouts. [3:50]

• The dangers of incorporating yoga into your routine. [7:13]

• Can playing sports recreationally replace the effects of plyometric training? [8:08]

• The only 5 ab exercises you need. [11:11]

• How to overload your triceps without destroying your wrists and elbows. [19:59]

• What are productive reps and how do they transform your body? [24:34]

• Barbell or trap bar for deadlifts? [28:02]

• What you need to start ACTUALLY seeing progress in the gym. [28:36]

From elite athletes to beginners, my 27-year track record shows I simply get results. If you’re tired of getting nowhere, looking and feeling like sh*t, or want to take your fitness game to the next level, DM the word TRANSFORM to @jayferruggia and let’s get to work. 

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