How to Develop Lagging Muscle Groups, Increase Mind-Muscle Connection, and Improve Your Pressing – Episode 423

Posted by Jason Ferruggia on March 25, 2022

You asked the questions, I’ve got the answers! 

Ready to obliterate obstacles, set PRs, and get shredded for summer?

Want to increase your mind-muscle connection, and improve your pressing?

Looking for the the best split for your off-season training program?

Well, listen up as I answer: 

  • What are my top-five leg exercises? [7:52]
  • What’s the key to maximizing muscle engagement and establishing mind-muscle connection? [11:35]
  • What’s the worst thing you can do following an injury? [14:28]
  • Does sport-specific training really improve in-game performance? [18:40]
  • Is being lean… a luxury? [23:30]
  • Am I a white supremacist too?! [25:25]
  • Why I’m Raising Hell and tossing My Adidas. [28:45]
  • What’s the best way to develop a lagging muscle group? [36:08]
  • How big of a role do genetics play in muscle growth? [42:59]
  • What’s the best formula to calculate calories for fat loss? [44:36]

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