The One Mistake to Avoid in Your Fat Loss Journey – Episode 432

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

The path to losing fat and building muscle is likely the complete opposite of what you’ve read, heard, or seen on social media.

Most of that stuff is horsesh*t.

Having spent 30+ years in the game, I’ve seen what works.

I’ve also seen what doesn’t. 

And I’m here today to shed some light on a few of the biggest misconceptions, and put you up on a few mistakes to avoid if you’re looking to maximize muscle gain and fat loss. 

  • The ONLY way to get bigger. [3:30]
  • The biggest issue with most training advice. [9:00]
  • Can you walk your way out of gains? [15:18]
  • The smart way to do incline presses. [16:09]
  • How much iso work is needed to build big arms? [19:50]
  • Squat more and increase your mobility with this one exercise. [21:58]
  • One of the biggest misconceptions about building muscle and losing fat [24:25]
  • What would my finisher be if I were a WWE superstar? [27:28]

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