Do Calories Really Matter? – Episode 456

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

best workout fat loss - 425

What’s the key to losing fat? 

How about adding size and building muscle? 

Is forearm training a thing? 

What about Liver King… Legit? 

You guys have questions, and I’m back at you live with the answers. 

  • How should you eat to add size? [4:53]
  • What to do about tiny forearms? [6:16]
  • Are there any alternatives to sprinting? [9:25]
  • What are my go-to fat sources? [10:22]
  • Does losing weight simply come down to calories in/calories out? [12:31]
  • Full body training for hardgainers? [15:54]
  • 7 keys to optimizing your health. [21:22]
  • What’s the best way to sequence a pull day? [23:09]
  • Are there any substitutes for kettlebell swings? [24:22]

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