I HATE Training Like This – Episode 493

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

It pains me to see and hear most of the sh*t floating around these days. 

In fact, I say that 99.9% of the people on the planet are wasting almost every set they do. 

Wasting damn near every workout. Every dollar of their gym membership. Every second of their time. 

Look, if you’re not training close to failure you’re not gonna grow.

But what does that look like?

It’s actually tougher than you think. 

Find out how, why machines are invaluable, and much more in today’s Q&A. 

  • I’d rather take up knitting than train like this… [2:07]
  • Why are machines invaluable for hypertrophy? [8:25]
  • What does my current leg day look like? [11:28]
  • Is there a best time of day to train? [26:26]
  • Is 90% lean meat lean enough? [30:08]
  • What are the best exercises for back density? [31:13]
  • Why is tracking sleep so important? [33:58]
  • What are my favorite cardio implements? [36:28]
  • 5 ways to raise your vibration and attract positivity. [40:18]

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