Training Methods to Fight Stress & Anxiety, “Functional” Exercises, Parallel Vs. ATG Squats, Combatting Information Overload – Episode 286

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Thank you guys for all the positive feedback on the last two Q&A episodes. And thank you for continuing to submit great questions and leave iTunes reviews. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

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After that I tackle the questions you guys asked!

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Show Notes:

• What type of workout should someone with a high stress job do?

• Should you use wrist wraps, knee sleeves, a belt and other supportive gear?

• Thoughts on hot yoga after training?

• How do you stop information overload?

• How do you determine how much weight to use on each set?

• What are your favorite business books?

• How did you become so successful?

• What is the best way to engage your customers?

• How do you deal with personal training clients who are late and cancel?

• How much water should you drink per day?

• How much HIIT cardio should you do per week?

• What are smart things to do with your cash?

• Thoughts on a push/pull/lower split?

• Do you have to do strange looking “functional” movements to get results?

• How can I stay more focused during my workouts?

• What is the # 1 food to stop eating?

• Do you have to squat to parallel or below?

• Is heat or cold better after a workout?


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