28 Days to Shredded – Episode 285

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Before I tell you what’s on today’s podcast, I wanted to thank you.

The solo listener Q&A episode I did last week for you guys became our most downloaded episode in the first 48 hours in over a year.

That tells me that we need to do more of these Q&A episodes. So rather than wait a few more weeks I figured we’d do another one right away.

In today’s show I answer the questions you guys sent in.

Scroll down for show notes:


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Show Notes:

• What does a full day of eating look like for me?

• Would you ever try a vegan diet?

• How to get shredded in 4 weeks.

• How to boost testosterone in your 40’s.

• How do you balance out pushing and pulling in your workouts?

• Top 3 fat loss tips for females?

• Training advice for those over 50.

• What should you do if you hate college?

• Full body workouts vs splits.

• Can you bulk and still do cardio?

• My WrestleMania dream matchup.

• How to improve your overhead press, and should you even overhead press at all?

• What’s a must on my workout playlist?


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