How I Stay Strong & Lean at 44 – Episode 284

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

It’s my first solo Q&A episode in far too long and I’m answering your questions.  Don’t miss this one!

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Show Notes:

• What are roughly your macros now? [4:18]
• How do you go about optimizing sleep? Any hacks? [5:41]
• Do you use a barbell in your training at all nowadays? [7:28]
• What is your ideal weekly training routine? [9:02]
• Explain Paleo AIP? [10:50]
• Is putting creatine in hot liquid, like coffee, good or bad? [14:20]
• Do you need to cycle creatine to not mess with your own body’s production of it? [14:36]
• Are you still doing improv classes? [15:02]
• Who is your favorite wrestler of all time? [15:24]
• Best time to work rotators? Before or after a workout or on alternate days? [15:50]
• How did you get as lean as you are right now when you used to be ‘fluffy’? [16:42]
• Who is going to win the main event at WrestleMania? [21:00]
• Do you still like the front squat harness? [21:50]
• When do you recommend moving up in weight with a strength exercise? [22:40]
• Tupac or Biggie? [34:52]
• If you were a WWE superstar, what would your finisher be? [36:05]
• Do you miss New Jersey weather? [36:21]
• Did your outlook on health and longevity change after age 40? If so, in what way? [36:28]


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