Avoid These Mistakes If You’re Looking to Get Shredded – Episode 452

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Getting shredded is hard. 

It’s also quite simple. 

With the proper training program, macros, and recovery it simply comes down to putting in the work. 

That’s the challenging part.

Waking up every f*cking day determined to crush it and dominate.  

The easy part? 

The split, the diet, the methods. And I’ve got you covered on those here today.

  • Are you making this mistake when calculating your macros? [2:35]
  • Is chicken a quality protein source? [7:02]
  • What’s the best way to sequence lower body days? [13:37]
  • What’s the key to becoming more explosive and athletic? [15:13]
  • Should you be getting your fat from oils? [21:12]
  • Do chin-ups belong on arm day? [23:02]
  • How do you actually get results in the gym? [25:12]
  • Which exercises should you avoid for shoulder health? [30:38]
  • When’s the most important time to have carbs? [35:17]
  • Glute hams or nordics? [38:10]

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Close out the summer strong and shredded.

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