How to Maximize Your Genetic Potential – Episode 441

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Can you look like a superhero?

A competitive bodybuilder?

An all pro wide receiver?

A middleweight fighter?

If so, how?

What kind of workout and diet should you follow? And how do your genetics play into that?

I address that in today’s episode and also answer your questions, including:

  • What’s my take on the animal based/ carnivore-ish diet?
  • Are landmine exercises good for building muscle? 
  • Is weight training safe for young teenagers?
  • How to make early morning workouts safer and stronger?
  • How to warm up for you work sets?
  • Should I do 1-2 top sets or a bunch of submaximal sets?
  • How do you fix poor posture? 
  • Should I train on an empty stomach?
  • How long should I rest between single limb exercises?
  • Is it bad to eat late at night? 

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