How to Eat More, Drink Alcohol, AND Get Lean – Episode 437

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

I go all in. 100%. No excuses. No bullsh*t.

And if you’ve listened to anything I’ve said or written over the years then you know I expect you to be doing the same.

But is the all-in approach the only way to get lean?

Can you really get jacked without sacrificing EVERYTHING?

Find out the answers to those questions and more in today’s Q&A.

  • Do you have to completely cut out alcohol to get lean? [2:05]
  • What do the fastest, most explosive athletes have in common? [7:13]
  • What’s the best way to approach a 4-day split? [9:25]
  • Why building muscle is key in combating aging. [10:58]
  • How to navigate leg day when you have back issues. [16:30]
  • Why heavy farmers walks aren’t a great idea. [18:08]
  • Are gains possible in a minimal home gym? [21:13]
  • The downside to training in the evening. [26:45]
  • How to maximize the size of your legs. [27:37]
  • The differences in programming for women vs. men. [28:38]
  • Do heart rate and sweat tell us anything about training effectiveness? [31:18]

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