5 Keys to Getting Ripped for Summer – Episode 497

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

Most men are cool with being the guy who wears a t-shirt in the pool. 

They’ve accepted their average, beer-drinking, hotdog-eating, dad bod. 

But you’re not most men. 

You’re the man who takes his shirt off and inspires all the men around to step their game up (and has their wives wishing they were going home with you). 

The man whose body is a reflection of the dominance he displays across all areas of life. 

But for the few of you reading this who happen to find yourself in that first category…

I can’t allow you to go through another scorcher filled with shame and mediocrity. So press play and check out the 5 keys you need to get ripped for summer. 

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A few more tips to get you right for summer

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