Optimize Your Sex Life with Intimacy Expert Susan Bratton

Posted by Jason Ferruggia

My guest today, Susan Bratton, is here to help you have more sex.

… AND better sex. 

Whether you want a bigger package, or to ensure that your woman is never sexually dissatisfied, she has countless, actionable tips for you to improve your sex life. 

Some refer to her as a sexual biohacker, the “orgasmanaut”, or simply, an intimacy expert.

But whatever you wanna call her, make sure to have one hand on your notepad and the other one…

  • How you can easily (and painlessly) add an inch to your cock. [0:06]
  • … And the tools you need to make it happen. [2:15]
  • What do women really want? [8:56]
  • How to leave her satisfied every time. [11:24]
  • What is the “blow and grow” technique? [23:17]
  • Here’s why communication is crucial. [33:36]
  • The thing you need to STOP doing if you want more sex. [40:26]
  • How to stop slinging a wet noodle and get 25% penile growth. [49:17]
  • 3 tips for pornstar level erections. [1:16:29]
  • What you need to do to last longer in bed. [1:31:36]

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